Getting Started: Setting Up a Venue

The first step to getting started is adding your venue to our Merchant page.

Step 1: Sign up

Enter your venue details into the allocated slots to register with us.

Step 2: Adding your Venue

Enter your venue Name, Email, Phone Number, Address and Logo (500 x 500). The Banner Image (1300 x 326) sits at the top of your venue page on a web desktop and usually displays the exterior of a venue.

Once added, you can also add a Mobile Banner (768 x 384) for the mobile app. This is usually the same photo as your Banner Image, just resized to smaller dimensions.

The Rating Bar should also be set to #ff7c44 to align with our Orange colourway.

Step 2: Further Personalisations

By clicking on 'Configuration', a range of personalisation options will be available to you.

Most notable would be adapting your venues Opening Times. For example, if your venue was only open 10am-3pm on Sundays, this can be made known to the customer by clicking 'Specific Time' next to Sunday, then changing the Time Slot, as seen below.

Your venue is now ready to receive those bookings!