How To Add New Offers

One of the simplest ways to attract your customers is by adding new and exclusive offers to your Platform.

Step 1: Adding an Offer

First, select 'Offers' from the left-hand column. Next, select 'Catalogue' from the central bar, then 'Offers Only' to add your first offer.

  1. Offer Name: This summarises what the offer entails

  2. Price: This is the price of the offer

  3. Description: This briefly outlines the offer or can serve as a tagline to grab the customers attention

Other details include Minimum/Maximum Quantity per Booking, and a Long Description that explains the offer in extensive detail. All descriptions can be adapted to your preference; there is no restriction on how much detail you choose to include.

Finally a display photo can be added to your offer. It is, however, important to use the dimensions of 540 x 321 to ensure any distortion is avoided.

Step 2: Adding Variants to your Offer

Variants allow you to add optional extras or upgrades to your offer. Start off by clicking 'Add' under Variants/Add-ons. Not all offers require variants, but the option is there if needed.

There are two ways to utilise the Variants. The first is for Upgrades and Extras (shown below). This charges an additional price to the offer for extra/more expensive products. For instance, if the offer is set at £3 and someone adds a Glass of Prosecco the final price would be £8.

The second option would be to merely add optional drinks choices. With the price set at zero, the customer pays no extra, they are just able to select their drink preference in advance.

Step 3: Editing Offers

Existing offers can easily be edited at any time. By hovering over the 3 dots next to the offer, you will be presented with a drop down box.

Delete: This deletes the offer permanently and cannot be reversed.

Edit: Allows you to amend offers to suit you.

Duplicate: Produces a copy of the offer, that you can then edit.

Disable: If you no longer want an offer present, you can disable the offer. This gives you the option to temporarily hide an offer without deleting it completely. You can then 'Enable' it at any time and it will become visible again.