How To View Upcoming Bookings

Viewing all your bookings is a key element of the Merchant Platform.

Step 1. Login via the Groubook Merchant Platform

If it's your first time logging in, and you don't know your password, you can just reset your password using the email given for your venue.

Step 2: View your Upcoming Bookings

Once logged in, you should automatically be taken to the 'Bookings' page. Otherwise, it can be accessed from the 'Bookings' tab under 'General' on the left hand side column.

From here, you will be able to view all of your upcoming bookings.

Booking ID: This is the unique reference number for each individual booking.

Booking Status: Above are the 3 most common booking statuses. 'Upcoming' bookings are confirmed and yet to take place. 'Completed' bookings have been and gone (Note: the status from Upcoming to Completed has to be done manually). 'Declined' bookings are those that you cannot accommodate, or the customer has cancelled the booking themselves.

Venue: The name of your venue.

Customer: Name of the customer who booked.

Order Time: States the time the booking was made.

Scheduled Time: States the time the upcoming booking is due to happen.

Payment Method: How the booking was paid for.

Amount: How much the customer paid for their booking.

In the right hand corner, you will find a 'Filter' button.

Here, you can filter through your bookings.

Step 3: Viewing Booking Details

By clicking on the Booking ID, you will be shown the details of an individual booking.

This allows an in-depth review of the booking, collating all the information in one place.

By scrolling down, you can also view the Booking Details and Booking History.

This will enable you to stay on top of upcoming bookings, ensuring you are aware of who is coming, when they are coming and what they are expecting upon their arrival.