How To Connect Stripe

Stripe is an integral part of ensuring you get paid fast.

Step 1 - Login via the Groubook Merchant Platform

If it's your first time logging in, and you don't know your password, you can just reset your password using the email given for your venue.

Step 2- Register with Stripe (if required)

This link will direct you to the registration page: Stripe: Register

Step 3- Link your Stripe account to your Groubook merchant account

From the Home page, you will see a toolbar down the left-hand side at the bottom there is a link to your account. Click this.

From the account page, click 'payment'. From here, select 'STRIPE' from the payment options.

This will allow you to set up your own Stripe account. Enter your company details into the allocated boxes, as shown below.

This will link your Stripe account to your business, allowing same day payments.

NOTE: Other payment methods may be available. Contact your account manager for details.