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Empowering Events

We sell tickets for your events, just cheaper than a standard ticket provider.

Supporting Events (in numbers)


Average "pre-booking value" PP


Average pre-booking per event.


Average booking value for events.


Average group booking size for events.

Night club

Uniquely delivering, for you.

Consulting with events providers to ensure ticketing price isn't only competitive but the hottest ticket in town

Targeting the right crowds for your events

Having allocation only events meaning you are still free to sell hand to hand tickets 

Utilising our reward schemes for customers to bring even more customers to your events


The Right Crowd

We work on one-off or reoccurring events and work hard to ensure the maximisation of revenue.

Easy to use check-in system to avoid the overuse of paper based tickets for events

More cost efficient vs traditional ticketing systems for multiple events.

Targeting diverse groups of customers to increase revenue.

Dancing In The Disco

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