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The UK'S first group bookings platform.

Grow PBR, simplify group bookings & reduce no-shows.

Your solution to attract, better manage and retain groups of customers

Attract thousands of local customers

Our customers are ALL local to your venue and are looking for consistently great experiences on their doorsteps, our geo-location technology allows customers to pre-book and schedule at local venues.


Increase customers

Groubook partners increase PBR by up to 20% per month, with hundreds of additional customers flocking to your venues or events.


We focus heavily on repeat relationships with customers, we bring the customers to you, you keep them coming back.

Reduce no-shows

With 1 in 7 people not turning up to pre-booked bookings, Groubook helps venues eliminate no shows, since our inception, we have had a 100% booking attendance rate. 

Simplified bookings

Groubook partners received tailored support when it comes to simplifying group bookings, got a 50 person brunch coming in? Our platform not only takes pre-orders but the hassle of payment away from you. 


Get access to thousands of local customers who are looking for their perfect night out. We focus on key relationships in cities and have a 96% organic user rate with 28% using us every month.

Retain full control

Control your own destiny: accept/decline your own bookings, add/delete offers, and run promos at your discretion. We offer our partners a 3-month no obligation no tie in period so we can show you what we are made of.


Driving Revenue

Pre-booking, table service, simplified pre-ordering: you can offer your customers multiple ordering methods with your unique QR code on our app, enabling you to track sales, increase revenue and receive instant payment. 

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Supporting thousands of UK venues

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Hear It from Our Partners

"We have used Groubook for a few months now and would recommend to any business looking to drive bookings. Working with Groubook has taken the difficulty out of taking bookings for large parties, it simplifies the lead booker's role by allowing for simple ticket selling and pre-ordering. It also allows for personalisation of events and prices, which makes the experience more exclusive for the guest and gives us a venue clear instruction, it also allows us to push off-peak events. The team communicate so well - quickly and clearly - and I'm grateful to Groubook for the support in encouraging a relationship with large parties at a time where the industry needs support."

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